Curved panels can be produced to a client’s exact specifications.

Spa Sheets and Panel’s custom-built automated pressing line and three daylight presses enable it to produce high-quality panels, which offer exceptional value for customers. Typically we offer a 3 to 4 day lead-time with more than 100 veneers in stock at any time.

  • Ideal for curved column surrounds, curved ceiling and wall panels, furniture components etc
  • Convex and concave radii from 75mm upwards
  • Panel lengths up to 3m (sometimes greater)
  • Add details of cores XXX
  • PVA adhesive as standard
  • Specialist waterproof, formaldehyde-free and heat-resistant adhesives
  • Hand selected veneer
  • Pre-agreed veneers parameters/specification
  • Book-matched, side-matched, mis-matched
  • Burrs, inlays, marquetry

Matched sets
Ideal for furniture production, fitted furniture projects and panelled rooms; Spa’s curved matched sets are hand-manufactured in our specialist daylight presses to exacting specifications under the watchful eye of experienced operatives. Veneers can be book-matched, centred or aligned according to your specifications. Grain can be horizontal or vertical to ensure a perfect match/ alignment.

Veneer edged
Veneered curved panels, including tinted or coloured panels, can be finished with matching veneered edges.

Timber-lipped edges
Where edges will be subject to impact or required to support fixings, timber edges can be applied pre or post lipped (over veneered if required).

  • Timber edges up to 40mm can be mitred or butted
  • Tinted or over veneered to match seamlessly with the panel face